RamPro is committed to deep cleaning and safely sanitizing your facility.

We have professionally cleaned and disinfected hundreds of facilities in Greater Chicagoland, greater Milwaukee, and part of Indiana since 2014.

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Commercial Cleaning Company Chicago

We stack sanitization and deep cleaning.

This efficiently eliminates germs, provide maximum protection, and freshen your facility. Our two-step approach: 1) Spray sanitize all surfaces to eliminate germs in 10 minutes and 2) Clean, wipe, and deep clean all surfaces. View our Safety Data Sheet.

Commercial Cleaning Company Chicago

We offer free environmental and fire safety inspections for our clients.

Our inspections ensure that you are protected because the service applications we implement exceed all state and local regulatory requirements.

Commercial Cleaning Company Chicago

Our local partners are the best in the industry.

Appliance repair, pest control, handy-people, and installation experts are just a few of the professionals we have ready to solve your facility’s needs. We got your back!

Commercial Cleaning Company Chicago

We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured.

This includes: 5 Million Umbrella, 1 Million Workman’s Comp, 1 Million Vehicle Liability, Compliance Engine Reports, and Deficiency Documentation and Mitigation.

Commercial Cleaning Company Chicago

Our staff follows rigorous processes.

Each job has its own checklist to set a high standard of service. This includes: Service Confirmation, Clock in and Clock Out, Before & After Pictures, Work Authorizations, Service Contracts, and Post Job Follow-up by your dedicated Service Manager.

What we do

RamPro is committed to ensuring that your restaurant/facility stands out from the rest. Our team of professionals performs a thorough inspection from floor to roof to identify and address any potential risks or factors requiring repair, and deep clean and sanitize the premises.

For your safety and peace of mind, we are fully licensed, bonded, and insured with qualified uniformed technicians. A clean kitchen is essential for a safe kitchen environment. Our company strives to ensure that your kitchen is kept in excellent condition at all times. Grease and grime can quickly build up, making it easier for a commercial kitchen fire to start. To protect against this, regular hood cleaning should be a top priority.

We are committed to going above and beyond to make your kitchen spectacular and safe. We provide comprehensive cleaning services for restaurants, industrial facilities, sky scrapers and more, as well as fire safety services. For more information, please view our Services.

How it all started

RamPro has been a highly-regarded leader in the industry since 2014. The story of RamPro began when Rube Mahdee, the owner, spotted a professional carpet cleaner for sale at his local Home Depot. He made the purchase right away and found his first customer, launching the business. Within the first year, RamPro had already purchased their first van and invested in a steam pressure washer, expanding their services to include exhaust system cleaning. This marked the start of a successful venture for the American business of RamPro.

What’s to come?

We recently acquired a 10,000 square-foot building to offer new services and capabilities, including an in-house training program with lab cleaning, chemical, and manufacturing and design capabilities. This will enable RamPro to expand its services and create new opportunities for our clients.

Exterior of RamPro Facility Services
Exterior of RamPro Facility Services

Facility managers trust RamPro

“RamPro is one of our major Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning subcontractors. We feel confident in sending to service our customers because we know they will ensure our customer’s satisfaction.”

Facility Manager
Waukegan, IL

“Our bar gets a lot of traffic and it wreaks havoc on our floors. If it’s not only the constant in-out, it’s also the salt that’s brought in that makes our floors look bad. RamPro polishes our floors to perfection.”

Rt 12 Lounge
Fox Lake, IL

“We made it on to the ‘Chicago’s Best’ TV Show and wanted to make sure our restaurant looked great on TV. RamPro cleaned and polished our wood floors and refinished our prep tables to help us shine on TV.”

Route 41 Restaurant
Wadsworth, IL

“We called on RamPro to help with some spring cleaning at one of our restaurants. I was surprised at the level of detail of the cleaning.”

Randolph St. Place
Chicago, IL

“One night during dinner service our hood fan went out. We called RamPro and they were out the next morning to repair. The price was great and they gave us plenty of time to pay.”

Main St Cafe
Waukegan, IL

“RamPro does a great job cleaning our giant salamander and de-greasing our floors week after week.”

Randolph St. Market
Chicago, IL