We’re tackling Covid-19 with Disinfecting Services

Every facility across the country has been affected by Covid-19. Sanitation companies have been tasked with offering services both quickly and affordably to businesses deemed essential to our economy, such as Hospitals, Warehouses, Processing Plants, and Grocery Stores.

In addition to your employees practicing stronger hygiene and social distancing, it is just as important for you to ensure a safe and healthy workspace. Though some policies and practices can be completed by your staff, selecting the right partner to take on complex tasks is now more important than ever.

RamPro’s commercial sanitization and deep cleaning services apply the best practice approach to protecting your environment both on an immediate and long-term basis. Our approach provides the emergency response you need and the flexibility to perform services anytime day or night.

In the event of reinfection, our services can be targeted to specific areas and be scaled up or down based on your circumstances. We also can place your organization on a reoccurring sanitization and deep cleaning schedule that can be exercised as frequently as weekly or monthly. Whichever option you choose; we guarantee both the best price and best practices approach to protecting your facility.

Our approach involves multiple components to sanitize and deep clean your facility. However, the service is structured into a two-step process:

  • Deep Every Surface up to 8FT
  • Sanitize All Surfaces up to 8FT

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