Why you should replace your Fusible Links every 6 months

The first line of defense against fire in a commercial kitchen is the fire protection system installed in the exhaust hood.

This complex system can determine life or death when a fire breaks out in your facility. Your Fire Suppression System must be pressurized 100% — any less than that will cause the system to fail in the event of activation.

How does this pressurization work? Appliance-specific fire suppression uses a wet chemical system to extinguish local fires quickly. Nozzles are selected and aimed at specific hazards on each appliance. The chemical agent itself is a nearly neutral PH agent that can be safely cleaned up with water and a sponge. Fusible Links to tether the system together.

Fire systems must be inspected every six months, and replacement of fusible links is recommended every six months.

What happens if your system loses pressure? It’s time to complete a Hydrostat test. Every seven years, Fire Suppression systems must be depressurized, dismantled, cleaned, refilled, pressure tested, and certified.

Let RamPro care for your fire safety system. We place special attention on the fusible links, system pressure, and age of the system to ensure the safety of your guests so you don’t have to sweat it.

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