Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How long does the typical hood cleaning take?

How long does the typical hood cleaning take? A standard hood cleaning takes 3-4 hours. However, there are a variety of factors that determine how long it takes. The length of time between cleanings, the size of the kitchen, and the number of hoods/fans all factor into how long it will take for the job to be completed. The amount of grease buildup and the accessibility of components will also affect the duration of the commercial cleaning service.

How much does a hood cleaning cost?

Our price starts at $600. The cost of hood cleaning depends on various factors which include the size of the kitchen, the complexity of exhaust systems, and the amount of grease buildup. All of these play a significant influence on the scope of work and pricing for hood cleaning. The geographical location and accessibility of the exhaust hood system and components or other challenges may also influence the overall cost of deep cleaning exhaust hoods.

What does hood cleaning include?

Cleaning of the Fan, Grease Trays, Duct Work, Plenum, Hood, Filters, and Backsplash. Comprehensive hood cleaning services involve a thorough process covering the cleaning of the exhaust fan, exhaust hood, and other components. Special attention to the exhaust fan is necessary to ensure it is meticulously cleaned for optimal ventilation and to prevent fire hazards. Detailed inspection and elimination of residues from the exhaust hood system, ductwork, hood filters, and other components help maintain efficiency, minimize fire risks, and sustain the effectiveness of the system.

What are your coverage Areas?

Milwaukee, Northern Indiana, and Chicago Metro Areas. Our coverage includes cities and neighborhoods within these states. We take accessibility into consideration, ensuring our services reach areas within reasonable proximity. Currently, our coverage is limited to these areas, but we may explore expansion plans in the future.

What certifications or standards do your technicians adhere to?

RamPro assures that our team is trained to rigorously follow industry standards and ensure they attain the highest levels of expertise and professionalism. We are dedicated to excellence and continuously train to provide the best deep cleaning services and adhere to industry regulations.

How frequently should I replace my Exhaust System fan belts?

Twice a year. Regular maintenance of the exhaust system fan belts involves replacing them at least twice a year, depending on factors like overall condition, intensity of usage, and manufacturer guidelines. Timely identification and correction of potential issues reduce the risks of sudden belt failures thereby preventing downtime. Ensuring optimal performance requires assessing and adjusting the tension and alignment of the belt.

How frequently should I clean my Exhaust System?

NFPA 96 dictates that the majority of commercial hoods should be cleaned on a quarterly basis. There are exceptions for special cases, however. For example, wood burning stoves need to be cleaned every month, while some facilities whose kitchens do not build up as much grease, churches, schools, etc., can be cleaned less frequently.

Do you offer Inspections only?

Yes, We provide inspection and diagramming services and it only takes 30 minutes. Our inspection-only services comprehensively evaluate the exhaust system, assessing components like hoods, exhaust fans, ductwork, filters, and more before we provide recommendations and cost-effective solutions. This streamlined service also includes diagramming to create a comprehensive and accurate layout. We ensure efficiency and compliance when it comes to our inspection and diagramming services.

Do I have to be onsite for the entire cleaning?

No, it is optional. You can let our trustworthy technicians know how to get in and out of your business. The offsite option can help uninterrupted cleaning operations. RamPro guarantees the presence of reliable technicians who are not only knowledgeable and skillful, but adhere to safety standards and diligently follow instructions provided by clients for secure access to the premises.

What is the quickest way to get a quote?

You can use the quoting tool available on our website. you can also reach us at (224) 639-6378 or email us at To speed up the process, clients are encouraged to provide detailed information about their cleaning needs. Our team will promptly respond to all inquiries and we will ensure efficient communication and provide additional information to come up with a cleaning plan that aligns with the unique requirements.

Do you offer scheduled maintenance plans?

Absolutely, please reach out to us and we will be happy to provide a quote. We offer tailored maintenance plans to meet the distinct needs of each establishment. These plans involve regular cleaning, inspecting, and maintenance to comply with safety regulations and prevent health and fire hazards.

What is the cancellation policy for scheduled commercial cleaning or maintenance services?

If you need to cancel or change a service appointment, we kindly ask for at least a 48-hour notice before the scheduled time. Our policy is crafted to offer flexibility for our clients while maintaining fairness in our operations which enables us to adjust our service schedule and accommodate other clients. Canceling the scheduled cleaning service without prior notice may incur a nominal cancellation fee. We acknowledge that unforeseen circumstances may arise and we aim to have clear communications with our clients to identify mutually agreeable solutions. We appreciate clear communication regarding any schedule changes, and our team is ready to assist with any questions or concerns related to our cancellation policy.

How do I schedule a commercial cleaning service appointment?

Anyone interested in our commercial cleaning services can reach out to us via phone or email. Our expert technicians can discuss our services, plans, and schedules in detail, and we can help you have a personalized quote based on your operational needs. Throughout, RamPro will provide transparent communication and provide proactive and effective maintenance solutions.