Exhaust System Duct and Flue Cleaning

Avoid various problems and potential hazards that will hinder your business operations with a professional exhaust system duct and flue cleaning. Risks of fire and health hazards can be reduced by eliminating grease, soot, and other combustible materials in the exhaust ducts and flues.

RamPro is a Chicago based Exhaust System and Duct Cleaning Company. We completely remove grease, carbon and soot, and fire causing lint build up from Exhaust Fans, Grease Containment Systems, Ducts, Flue Hood and Filters. Our comprehensive services prevent fires and protect your facility, customers and staff.

Who We Serve

We maintain hundreds of restaurants and kitchens across Greater Chicago and Milwaukee to keep their facilities grease-free and fire-safe. Our exhaust cleaning and sanitization system are designed to reduce the impact of grease on your operation. RamPro’s primary focus is on addressing the challenges associated with grease accumulation and its impact on the efficiency of the daily operations of commercial and industrial restaurants.

Three reasons why you need Hood Cleaning 

Things go wrong when you least expect it which is why you have  to be proactive in maintaining your exhaust system cleanings. There are three operation killers that will bring your kitchen to a screeching halt:

  1. Mechanical/System Failure during peek service time
  2. System Catch’s fire due to much build up
  3. Cited by fire departments. 

All of these issues arise due to not completing your system cleanings regularly based on NFPA 96. Most services range in terms of frequency with most being completed every six months. RamPro ensures your hood exhaust cleanings are compliant and grease free.

Are You Willing to Risk Safety and Efficiency with Your Restaurant’s Exhaust System?

As a business serving mouthwatering dishes, you may also be dealing with safety and efficiency issues the accumulation of grease and grime in your exhaust system. Being worried about the fire hazards, declining indoor quality, and the sudden increase in energy consumption is understandable. A thorough exhaust system duct cleaning will wane off these concerns.

If you want to improve safety, air quality, and generally transform your restaurant or facility’s atmosphere, RamPro can help. We have provided remarkable results to clients dealing with exhaust system duct and flue issues. We have helped restaurant managers have the peace of mind they need to operate the business without problems.

If you want RamPro to do the same for your facility, get in touch with us. We will help you be in compliance with local regulations. Our expert technicians will address the pressing safety concerns involving the exhaust system duct and flue through tailored cleaning and maintenance services.

What included with our Hood Cleaning?

Our cleaning starts top down after initial set up. We make sure that every aspect of your of your system is grease free by following these basic cleaning checklist.

Cleaning Service Menu

  • Steam Pressure Wash Fan and Blades
  • Empty and Clean Rooftop Grease Containment
  • Scrape and Pressure Wash Ducts
  • Spray off Roof and Reinstall Grease Cups and Secure Fan
  • Steam Clean Lower Duct
  • Steam Clean Hoods, Fire Suppression Lines, Plenum
  • Clean Baffle Filters, Backsplash, and Gas Lines
  • Clean and Polish Inside and Outside of the Hood
  • Install Filters, Spot Clean Mop Floors and Get Signature
  • Empty Grease Cups
  • Pull out Appliances and Cleaning Floors Underneath

Exhaust System Accessories at Hand

We provide a full line of exhaust system components because we do not think brakes get lost or are at the end of life. Whatever component you need to support your system we can make our source to fit your needs. Our items include:

  • Replacement Baffle Filters
  • Grease Containment Solutions
  • Drive/ Fan Belt Replacement
  • Access Panels Install

Preventative Maintenance Program

In our industry, it’s important to be more than just a hood cleaning company. You require a exhaust system preventative service manager. Someone that can not only keep your system clean, but also running as efficiently as possible. Our Exhaust System Preventative maintenance program includes exhaust system repairs.

Repairs Service Menu

  • Sheet Metal Work
  • Bearing Replacements
  • Capacitor Motor Replacement
  • Exhaust Fan Repair/Replacement
  • Comprehensive Return Air Flow Cleaning
Duct and Flue Cleaning
Client Satisfactions

“Their service cost and flexibility is amazing!”

— Raj
Manager, Wingstop

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Are you ready to transform your restaurant into a safer, cleaner, and more efficient establishment? Eliminate your worries about the risks of fires and health issues by using our professional exhaust system duct and flue cleaning services. Request a free exhaust system cleaning quote today and do not let uncleaned systems escalate into bigger problems.