Wood and Charcoal Burning Appliance Cleaning

RamPro specializes in cleaning wood-burning and barbecue production systems. For the past 15 years, we have provided preventative maintenance services for restaurants throughout the Chicago and Milwaukee Metro areas.

Put your concerns to rest when it comes to creosote buildup affecting the efficiency of your wood-burning appliance. Our technicians, with their top-notch cleaning procedures, will guarantee that your appliance won’t show irregular heating or difficulties in starting up.

Our Services:

Thorough Ash Removal:
Our skilled technicians meticulously remove all residual ashes, guaranteeing a clean canvas for your next culinary masterpiece. as it is crucial to clear out and dispose of the ashes from the container correctly to prevent any potential fire hazards.

Interior Brick Care:
Cleaning the interior brick surfaces without causing any harm can pose a challenge, but you can rely on RamPro to execute a meticulous task. We delicately scrub the interior walls and floor using specialized brushes, preserving the integrity of the bricks while eliminating soot and buildup. Our technicians will guarantee a clean interior free from soot, creosote, and any other residue. We utilize a proven method that actively preserves the bricks’ structural integrity.

Exterior Brilliance:
RamPro takes pride in restoring the external beauty of your wood-fired oven. We use eco-friendly cleaning agents to remove grime, ensuring your oven becomes an eye-catching focal point in your kitchen. The appliance’s outer surface is exposed to external elements, which can cause the buildup of dirt and grime. Our professional cleaning company can provide an optimal cleaning service to improve both the appearance and performance of your appliance.

Chimney and Vent Inspection:
Our professionals conduct a comprehensive inspection of your oven’s chimney and vent, removing creosote and blockages that might hinder the efficient flow of smoke. Creosote contributes to inefficiency and proves challenging to eliminate, particularly when it has lingered for an extended period. To ensure an unobstructed chimney and vent, you need efficient cleaning services.

Pizza Stone Conditioning:
We expertly season your pizza stone, enhancing its durability and taste-transferring qualities. This meticulous process guarantees your pizzas have that authentic, crispy crust every time. Achieving this requires a trained technician. However, you can be confident that we will provide a meticulously maintained and aesthetically pleasing pizza stone.

Our Wood & BBQ Pit Cleaning Approach

Our process:

  • Scrape ducts
  • Use brush chimney
  • Pressure wash fan
  • Remove grate and brackets
  • Pre-soak, then steam pressure wash

We tackle…

Clear Signs Requiring Immediate Wood and Charcoal Burning Appliance Cleaning

Knowing these visual signs indicating the need for proper cleaning of your wood-burning stove will help you avoid costly repairs or replacements:

  • Creosote buildup: The most common sign that wood fire pizza cleaning is necessary is the presence of a dark, tar-like substance both inside and outside the chimney. This substance is highly flammable, and neglecting its removal increases the risk of fire and other hazards.
  • Slow or inefficient burning: If your wood and charcoal burning appliance takes too long to generate adequate heat, it is often due to a blockage affecting the airflow.
  • Smoke filling the room: A blocked chimney and a malfunctioning appliance are often caused by excessive, uncleared ashes from the bottom to the flue. This poses a serious safety concern as it can result in poor ventilation.
  • Visible damage: Cracks, defects, and damage not only reduce the appliance’s functionality but can also lead to more significant and costly problems over time.

RamPro: Your Dedicated Partner for Top-Quality Commercial Cleaning Services

Commitment is non-negotiable for us. Each member of our team possesses not only the necessary qualifications for the job but also a steadfast dedication to meeting the client’s needs. We ensure to practice the best safety measures before proceeding with our services, guaranteeing the well-being of all individuals and businesses involved.

RamPro goes beyond expertise. We bring a strong work ethic and an unwavering focus on completing tasks correctly. As a well-established commercial cleaning company, we uphold professional standards in communication, transparent pricing, and our cleaning processes. Our goal is to make sure our clients receive unparalleled cleaning of their wood burning appliances.

Book Our Wood Fire Pizza Cleaning

Contact RamPro today if you want to enjoy the benefits of a long-lasting, safe, and efficient wood burning appliance. With 15 years of expertise in delivering professional wood fire pizza cleaning and maintenance services, we can achieve the results you need. Arrange a meeting with us to explore how we can assist in restoring your appliance to its original appearance and performance.

Wood Fire Pizza Cleaning

“RamPro did an amazing job and in-depth cleaning, they are our go to company”— Manny, Jacobs
Manager, Candela Bar & Grill Niles