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In the world of commercial spaces, cleanliness and aesthetics are paramount. Your tiled surfaces, play a significant role in creating a lasting impression on customers and employees.

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Our Expertise

Detailed Inspection: We commence our service with a meticulous inspection of your tiled surfaces, assessing their condition and identifying areas that require cleaning and restoration. We understand the distinct challenges associated with cleaning and maintaining tiles and grouts, which is why we examine every detail of the tile and grout to identify areas that may need extra cleaning or repair.

Tile and Grout Cleaning: We employ specialized solutions and techniques to eliminate dirt, stains, discoloration, and grime from your tiles and grout, rejuvenating their appearance. Our method for tile and grout cleaning guarantees a clean and sanitary environment for your commercial area.

Grout Sealing and Protection: We apply high-quality grout sealants to protect against future staining and moisture penetration, enhancing the longevity of your surfaces. The grout sealant acts as a protective barrier that boosts the durability of both the tiles and grout. Our careful application ensures that each grout line receives proper sealing, offering thorough protection and maintaining the flawless state of your surfaces for an extended time.

Customized Solutions: We offer tailored cleaning solutions, addressing specific areas or issues as per your commercial space’s unique requirements. We acknowledge the uniqueness of each commercial space, hence we provide personalized solutions to account for concerns specific to your premises.

Maintenance Recommendations: We provide recommendations for ongoing tile and grout maintenance and suggest preventive measures to keep your surfaces in impeccable condition. Offering advice on how to properly perform tile and grout cleaning is one way we show our continuous support to our clients, so we make sure to provide valuable tips that will help you maintain the quality of your tiles and grout.

Before-and-After Reports: We furnish detailed reports illustrating the condition of your tiled surfaces before and after cleaning, showcasing the remarkable transformations. Clear communication is crucial to our service, so once the cleaning process is complete, we will provide a report displaying the before and after of the tiles and grout.

Why Choose Ram Pro?

Experience: We have a proven track record of delivering exceptional results in commercial tile and grout cleaning services. RamPro has an impressive track record of consistently delivering impeccable results that leave clients satisfied. Regardless of the complexity of the tile design or the condition of the tiles and grout, our team can achieve an immaculate appearance.

Safety: Safety is our highest priority, and our team strictly adheres to safety protocols to ensure a secure work environment. With safety as a primary focus, we ensure our team undergoes rigorous training and adheres strictly to comprehensive safety protocols, which enable us to secure the work environment and keep everyone safe throughout the cleaning process.

Custom Solutions: Every commercial space is unique, so in some instances, a customized cleaning solution is necessary. We customize our services to align with your distinct needs, guaranteeing the best tile and grout cleanliness and aesthetics.

Environmental Responsibility: We use eco-friendly cleaning agents and methods that are safe for your staff and the environment. Conclusion: Clean and immaculate tiled surfaces are fundamental for creating a positive and professional atmosphere in your commercial space.

At Ram Pro, our Tile and Grout Cleaning Services are designed to enhance both aesthetics and hygiene. With our expertise and commitment to excellence, we help your business shine from the ground up. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and experience the advantages of professionally cleaned and restored tile and grout. Your customers and employees will appreciate the difference.

Tile and Grout Cleaning Benefits

Tile and grout cleaning by professionals includes thorough methods like steam cleaning and machine scrubbing to not only effectively remove dirt and stains, but restore the original appearance of the tiles and grout as well. A full service should include:

  • Sanitizing the tiles and grout.
  • Maintaining cleanliness in areas where dirt often accumulates.
  • Preventing the gradual buildup of grime and preserving the integrity of the grout and tiles.
  • Avoiding further damage to the grout and providing a durable solution that will withstand environmental elements and daily use.
  • Shielding the tiles and grout from moisture, stains, dirt, and other factors that can cause damage.

Ignoring professional cleaning can lead to a decline in the look of your grout and tiles and also increase the risk of accidents. Do not let stains and dirt linger on your tiles. Consult with our experts to discover your solutions.

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Enhance the visual charm of your commercial space using RamPro’s dedicated services for cleaning tiles and grout. Our seasoned technicians bring expertise and advanced techniques such as steam cleaning, machine scrubbing, repair, epoxy grout installation, and sealing to every project.


  • Steam Cleaning
  • Machine Scrub
  • Repair and Epoxy Grout Installation
  • Sealing