Carpet Cleaning

Does your carpet emit a strange odor or look filthy?

When customers and employees come to your facility they expect a clean environment. Visibly filthy carpets have a psychological impact on shared experiences. Your employees may feel that this is a less than impressive place to work and choose other opportunities. Your customer may decide not to come back even though the experience was top notch. At RamPro, we take carpet cleaning seriously.

Who We Serve

RamPro maintains hundreds of restaurants and kitchens across Greater Chicago and Milwaukee to keep their facilities grease-free and fire-safe. Our exhaust cleaning and sanitization system are designed to reduce the impact of grease on your operation.

How RamPro differs from other carpet cleaners

At RamPro we look at the science of the cleaning project. If you are a restaurant, then the carpet has grease build up, if you are an office, then its debris brought in from outside, if you are an industrial customer then the carpet has compounds that are different then all other customer types. We apply the proper chemical and cleaning strategy to remove build up. We deploy steam cleaners, carpet scrubber, carpet bonnet cleaning, dry chemical and whatever is necessary to give you a final result that is astonishing.

Is my Carpet too dirty to be cleaned?

Commercial carpeting is designed to last longer than consumer carpeting. Most include strong polymers and treatments that allow for the use of power detergents, Steam extraction and scrubbing to remove heavy soil build up RamPro’s processes ID the type of debris or dirt and use the proper combo of chemicals and equipment to make your carpet like new again.


  • Floor/Carpet Cleaning & Sanitizing
  • Dusting/Ceiling Duct Cleaning & Sanitizing
  • Floor Polishing
  • Restroom Deep Cleaning & Sanitizing
  • Gum Removal