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RamPRO provides the most thorough facility deep-cleaning and sanitizing in the USA.

Milwaukee is the biggest city in Wisconsin, the main place of Milwaukee County, and has a population of 577,222, making it the fifth most populated in the Midwest. The influence of German immigrants in the 1800s can still be seen, especially in industries like brewing. However, recent building projects have changed the city’s skyline, bringing in new landmarks like the Wisconsin Center, American Family Field, and The Hop streetcar system.

Other important cultural spots like the Milwaukee Art Museum and Milwaukee Repertory Theater are open to the public as well. Plus, it is home to big companies like Rockwell Automation and Harley-Davidson. Milwaukee also has teams in major pro sports leagues, with the Bucks in the NBA and the Brewers in the MLB. From sports events to concerts, Milwaukee, WI boasts a vibrant cultural scene.

Commercial cleaning services are crucial in Milwaukee to preserve iconic landmarks, renowned cultural institutions, and architectural assets, and maintain its image to residents and visitors alike. They are also essential for disinfecting high-traffic areas like schools, universities, sports venues, and restaurants.


Choose the Best Milwaukee, WI Hood Cleaning Company

RamPro is your premier destination for commercial cleaning. With a focus on compliance with health and fire regulations, we offer an array of services tailored to commercial and industrial kitchens, appliances, and exhaust systems that ensure impeccable cleanliness from thorough kitchen deep cleaning to exterior pressure washing.

Our main focus is efficiency and excellence in all aspects of our Milwaukee kitchen cleaning service, starting from first contact with the customer to finishing the job. We take pride in our thorough approach and dedication to ensuring client satisfaction, our certified technicians utilize top-tier equipment to deliver exceptional results across diverse sectors, including restaurants, offices, and food courts.

Whether it is deep cleaning kitchen appliances or sanitizing high-touch surfaces, we tailor our services to meet our clients’ unique needs, helping businesses maintain a pristine environment that meets local and federal regulations, enhance their reputation, and foster a healthier workspace for all.

Milwaukee, WI Commercial Cleaning Services We Offer

Exhaust Systems
RamPro Clean is your ultimate destination for thorough exhaust system cleaning services. Our array of offerings includes comprehensive kitchen exhaust system cleaning, belt replacements, and the installation of new filters. It is imperative to maintain cleanliness in your exhaust system to ensure optimal functionality and a safer atmosphere.

Kitchen Deep Clean
RamPro Clean is committed to ensuring the utmost cleanliness and sanitation of kitchens, recognizing its pivotal role in customer satisfaction, hygiene standards, and regulatory compliance. Our commercial kitchen cleaning services are designed to optimize kitchen performance, guaranteeing a safe environment and streamlined operations.

Front of House Cleaning
Besides deep cleaning kitchen appliances, our team of highly trained specialists is committed to providing professional deep cleaning and sanitizing services for the front-of-the-house area. offer flexible scheduling options for daily, weekly, and after-hours cleaning services with careful attention to detail from floor to ceiling.

Exterior Wash
At RamPro Clean, we prioritize targeting trash areas to eliminate odors, grease, and food residue that can lead to pest issues. Our exterior pressure washing service is guaranteed to expertly tackle stubborn stains and dirt on a variety of surfaces. We ensure that businesses regain their pristine appearance and avoid neglect over time.

Inspection and Diagramming
Inspection and diagramming of the exhaust system are important to mitigate fire risks posed by grease buildup. Our comprehensive kitchen hood cleaning services include providing system diagrams to facilitate efficient communication, minimize emergency repairs, and enhance the effectiveness of cleaning processes.

Fruit Fly and Mitigation
Our fruit fly and mitigation uses eco-friendly methods. We begin with a thorough assessment and employ targeted removal strategies, ensuring no remnants or odors linger. Our use of physical barriers and proper waste disposal deters fruit flies and mitigates cross-contamination risks. These pesky insects are attracted to ripe or fermenting produce, but our professional service ensures their complete elimination, tailored to the severity of the infestation. By employing our service, you protect your business reputation, boost the morale of staff, maintain product quality, save costs on repairs and legal penalties, and ensure compliance with regulations.

Food Truck
With skilled technicians utilizing cutting-edge techniques to ensure safe and thorough cleaning, you can enjoy a smooth and secure food truck operation. RamPro Clean offers flexible scheduling to minimize operation downtime and competitive pricing to make top-tier cleaning services accessible to all food truck owners. By choosing RamPro Clean, you gain long-term benefits such as compliance, credibility, positive reviews, customer loyalty, and reduced repair costs.

Carpet Cleaning
Comprehensive commercial carpet cleaning services that encompass thorough cleaning, stain removal, and spot treatment, with a special focus on high-traffic areas are important. Utilizing advanced cleaning techniques, we ensure exceptional results tailored to each client’s needs through continuous training and personalized solutions. Our services include stain removal, upholstery cleaning, carpet degreasing, carpet extraction, and heavy traffic cleaning.

Have more confidence in the cleanliness of your establishment with RamPro Clean. By choosing a premier cleaning partner with proven years of expertise, you can deliver exceptional service to your customers. Elevate hygiene in your facility with our custom-tailored Milwaukee, WI commercial cleaning services.