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To maintain safety and efficiency in the kitchen, start by keeping the exhaust system and hood vent clean. Regularly maintaining and cleaning these components prevents smoke, heat, and grease from accumulating in the system, reducing the risk of health and safety hazards over time.

RamPro is a commercial and industrial kitchen system deep cleaning expert.

We keep your Critical Systems cleaned and inspected and eliminate the risk of fire caused by grease, soot, carbon and accumulation of lint inside your exhaust ducts and flues.

The Power of Prevention

You’ve probably heard before that exhaust hood system are one of the most important parts of a restaurant kitchen. They pull smoke, heat and odor up from cooking surfaces, into the hood, and then exhaust it to the outside. Not only does this protect employees and make the kitchen more comfortable, it also protects the restaurant facility.

While the ventilation hood does help remove these contaminants, some of them do end up stuck inside the hoods and the ductwork in the form of grease, oil, and even creosote buildup. And this buildup can lead to potentially dangerous situations. That’s why exhaust hood cleaning is so crucial to every restaurant ventilation system.

Commercial and Industrial exhaust systems must be cleaned by NFPA standards to avoid the risk of fire hazard. Based on the type of systems, volume and materials your systems exhaust, determine the frequency of your service. Most range from as often as every week whilst others can be annually.

Our approach to Commercial Cleaning for critical exhaust system infrastructure is strict adherence to NFPA 96. This allows for your production system to be deep cleaned and degreased. We help maximize uptime and make sure you pass every health department and fire department inspection with flying colors.

Compliance Engine

We report to The Compliance Engine. It is an easy, online based service for Fire Departments to track, inspect, and maintain code compliance for fire protection systems. This provides safer communities through third-party inspection reporting and maintenance. We complete all reporting to the third-party tool at no cost to our customers.

Service Management

Our service management allows us to manage our teams in the field and ensure that they are completing the best job possible. The system allows for before and after pics, deficiency reporting, and customer sign-offs to be sent easily to you after the job is completed.

Attention to detail from floor-to-ceiling

Exhaust System

Standard Kitchen Exhaust System

  • Belt Replacement
  • New Filters
  • Grease Containment
  • Access Panel Installation
Exhaust System

Wood Fire Pizza Cleaning

  • Flue Cleaning
  • Interior Soot Removal
  • Vent Brushing
  • Return Line
Exhaust System

Dryer Vent

  • Internal Dryer
  • Flex/Fix Tube Cleaning
  • Multi-Horizontal
  • Roof Top Vent
Exhaust System

Return Air Flow Cleaning

  • Belt Replacement
  • Evap Coil Cleaning
  • Housing Area Cleaning
  • Filter Cleaning
Exhaust System

BBQ Pit Cleaning

  • Pit Cleaning
  • Grill Plates Cleaning
  • Grease Removal
  • Carbon Deposit Removal

Is Exhaust Cleaning Necessary for Your Restaurant?

Regular and comprehensive cleaning of your exhaust system is crucial for several important reasons. If you are encountering sudden malfunctions in your exhaust system, unwanted odors circulating indoors, or if the exhaust is not effectively drawing air from the cooking area, then you should certainly consider hiring professional kitchen cleaning services that specialize in exhaust cleaning. Not to mention, it’s the law! Call us today for commercial hood cleaning services.

Exhaust System
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“RamPro has been our provider for Exhaust System, and Pizza Oven Preventive Maintenance for over a year now. Their prices are competitive and they are able to provide efficient and expert service to forty of our regional locations.”

— Christina Meyers
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Unlock the Secret to Spotless Restaurants with Our Expertise

RamPro is the right choice for restaurant exhaust system and hood vent cleaning services. With nearly a decade of experience, we have become authorities in the field, ensuring the facility remains impeccably clean in every detail.

Our team possesses certification, delivers top-notch services, and stays current on the latest regulations and cleaning techniques. We provide unparalleled cleaning for exhaust systems and hood vents, restoring your vents and ducts to peak condition. Moreover, we can tailor our services to match the unique requirements of your restaurant. We have made numerous restaurant owners and managers satisfied with our work, and we are confident you will as well.

If you want to invest in a spotless and safe restaurant, reach out to RamPro. We are dedicated to delivering top-quality service. Your restaurant’s cleanliness, safety, and stellar reputation are of utmost importance to us.

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