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We’re a licensed, bonded, and insured professional cleaning company with over 20 years of experience.


Let us professionally clean your commercial or industrial kitchen, appliances, and exhaust systems and get everything up to code.

Commercial Kitchens are the heart of your facility. Your job is to cook and our job is to clean. Allow us to take the hardest task of the day off your plate. Get your rest and let RamPro do the best. We provide one time or recurring comprehensive commercial kitchen cleaning services for every budget and any facility.

Pizza Hut is one of many clients for RamPro.

“RamPro has been our provider for Exhaust System, and Pizza Oven Preventive Maintenance for over a year now. Their prices are competitive and they are able to provide efficient and expert service to forty of our regional locations.”

— Christina Meyers
Market Manager, EYM Pizza of Wisconsin

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Exhaust Systems Cleaning


Kitchen Deep Cleaning


Front of House


Food Truck


Fruit Fly Cleaning and Mitigation


Inspections & Diagramming


Exterior Pressure Washing


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How Does RamPro Serve Customers?

RamPro efficiently and safely provides thorough cleaning that restaurants and other facilities require to eliminate stubborn grease and grime. Through our proven commercial cleaning techniques, owners and managers can have peace of mind. If you require exhaust cleaning, exterior washing, kitchen deep cleaning, restroom sanitization, or front-of-house cleaning, our services encompass all of these. We utilize state-of-the-art equipment designed for tackling tough dirt and contaminants that manual scrubbing might not effectively address.

Our Approach to Delivering Outstanding and Swift Kitchen Cleaning Services

Our objective is to ensure a seamless process, from your initial contact with us to the completion of the job. We diligently provide exceptional commercial cleaning services for facilities in Greater Chicago, Milwaukee, and northern portion of Indiana. RamPro simplifies things for your convenience.

Our team of cleaning specialists will deep clean every inch of the kitchen from the floor to the ceiling and everything in between. We will not let one corner be left untouched. Schedule an appointment with RamPro’s team today and meet a spotless kitchen soon!

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  • We Handle the Job
    Our skilled technicians will oversee all aspects of the cleaning process from inspection to the actual job, enabling you to focus on things that require your attention and time.
  • You Reap the Benefits
    You can sit back, relish a facility that looks and smells fresh, and rest assured that your operations will run smoothly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do You Need Industrial or Commercial Kitchen Deep Cleaning?

Debris, dirt, and grease can lead to costly damage and legal problems. Consistently cleaning the exterior, kitchen, and exhaust systems enhances the lifespan and functionality of your facility and equipment. Deep cleaning prevents the growth of mold and improves indoor air quality. A clean facility also immediately enhances customer impression.

How Frequently Should You Have Professional Cleaning at Your Restaurant?

Maintaining a clean environment, both inside and outside of your establishment, is crucial to providing customers with an enjoyable dining experience. We suggest cleaning your restaurant at least once every three months, or you can schedule seasonal cleanings to maintain a consistently fresh appearance throughout the year.

Why choose RamPro today?

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